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My life journey has taken me to many foreign countries and exotic lands, offering me chances to try out local cuisine & culture from all over the world. However, no matter how far I go or how much I experience, a colossal part of my soul still belongs to my roots – Vietnam.

Like any other Vietnamese, I grew up with bánh mì, with phở, with bò bún and many many other Viet dishes that I just can’t stop picturing them without my mouth watering. To me they aren’t just food, they are memories attached to my loved one – my grandma spending hours of making the ‘perfect’ phở soup; my mom saute-ing beef with lots of spices that makes it so juicy and tender; me and my friends fighting over a delicious bánh mì after school. And more than that, these dishes are the unique representatives of my country’s diverse culture, one that I’m extremely proud of.

When I first moved to Europe, I was lost in both languages and foreign cultures & gastronomy. I eventually took comfort in Viet dishes which reminded me greatly of my home country. As time went by, I decided to open a Vietnamese restaurant in the center of Prague – a city overflowing with restaurants & shops. First, it was a way for me to maintain & nurture my core Viet part and second I wanted to showcase to the world authentic Viet specialities with treasured recipes that have shaped our present cuisine.

There’s no ‘secret weapons’ or significant innovation in our food. I’m simply using recipes that my mom & my grandma as well as many other families have been using and passed down from generation to generation to offer you cuisine exactly the way a Vietnamese would have. Our goal is simple: By the time you leave our door, you’ll already be planning your return.

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bún kitchen
Na Poříčí 25, Prague 1
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Open Every Day
10 am – 10 pm

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